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The Makover

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Updated: 09th of Nov. 2010

A few months ago I was approached by Oliver Lindberg, associate editor at .Net magazine. He was very kind to offer me a spot on their 208th issue and suggested I participate in either the “Build Off” or “Makeover” sections. Since I participated in the Build Off in the past, I was happy to see what the Makeover was all about.

The idea behind the Makeover section is simple. Site owners that are in grave need of redesigns send over their… Continue Reading

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    Can you imagine the world without the web? Companies without web sites? Crazy to think that only just 15 years ago web sites were for the ultra geek savvy. Today that is definitely not the case. The simple tools that we have today have helped the internet become a daily routine. But even with today’s technology it is easy to fall into the trap and create incoherent web environments. I am here to help.

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