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09th of Nov. 2010

The Makover

By Yaron Schoen


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A few months ago I was approached by Oliver Lindberg, associate editor at .Net magazine. He was very kind to offer me a spot on their 208th issue and suggested I participate in either the “Build Off” or “Makeover” sections. Since I participated in the Build Off in the past, I was happy to see what the Makeover was all about.

The idea behind the Makeover section is simple. Site owners that are in grave need of redesigns send over their URLs “to get an expert opinion”. With that notion, Oliver handed over a list of sites that have been submitted by .Net readers. Most of them were in need of some design love, others were actually okay. My choice was pretty easy, and I decided to tackle ratemyplace.org.uk. Ratemyplace is an organization that publishes details of food safety inspections in Staffordshire. Since, 5 years ago, I myself was a victim of a nasty food poisoning, choosing Ratemyplace was a no-brainer.

You can read about my approach to the redesign in the current issue (#208) of the magazine.

The issue is out in the UK and I think it should be in stands in the US by now as well. The issue is definitely worth a read, go pick up a copy. Thanks again Oliver for reaching out and allow me to participate, I had a lot of fun!


View the full mock or Download the PSD

Comments (15)

So what do you think? The world wants to know!

Trent Walton
November 09, 2010

That’s what all those dribbble shots were for!  Wow man, Great work.

Tory Hobson
November 09, 2010

Seriously some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen in a while. Color, dimensions, placement… everything looks perfect.

November 10, 2010

you’re the king.

Yaron Schoen
November 11, 2010

Thanks guys! Happy you like.

Luke Beard
November 12, 2010

Lovely work. One of my favourite make overs. Type work kicks ass.

Tim Smith
November 13, 2010

Great work! The redesign is beautiful!

Angel Grablev
November 15, 2010

Wow Yaron i swear i have yet to see something you make that’s not absolutely pixel perfect and stunning!

Some people look up to the president, or famous pop stars. Me… i look up to you :)

November 19, 2010

Hey Yaron !

Congrats ! And I can not wait to see the all thing !

John Tucker
December 11, 2010

A worthy cause.  I know how you feel!

December 31, 2010

Very nice, Yaron! Much more user-friendly as well as warm and inviting.

With your food poisoning experience in mind, it looks as though you designed it to make more sense to find information in a much more logical manner.

Thank you so much for sharing your PSD file! I’m one that one wants to learn how others work and produce the fine details for buttons, borders, gradations and other elements. It’s very good of you to offer your layered file from which to learn. Hope you’ll be willing to do so in the future!

Emily Trotter
January 06, 2011

Beautiful inspiring work!

Toni Romero
January 24, 2011


February 03, 2011

MMMM…cleansing to the palette.

February 09, 2011

I love how you have extracted colors from the lettuce - both red and green -  to use on the page. Cool job!

Atishay Jain
February 11, 2011

I lives in India and one of my colleague shares the link of your website it really looks awesome , what to say about the makeover your designs are perfect.