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New York - July 2009

Lets be honest, when you think of AOL, design isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. AOL is in need of a fresh new design approach, and this is exactly what I wanted to provide and the reason I decided to join. Though it was difficult at times, with the many different components seen in corporate America, I have been doing the best to make the voice of aesthetics and usability be heard. Since joining a few months ago, we have been rearranging and redesigning many things, so hopefully you will be seeing new changes in all 3 entertainment departments which I am in charge of: Moviefone / Television / Video (along with the brand new Slashcontrol). These have definitely been the largest sites I have ever worked on, with 12 million unique visitors divided between the different departments. 

My Role

  • Lead Designer
  • Contract work at AOL

My role varies from department to department. I usually facilitate the communications between the different production departments, namely designers and developers. I have lead the re-design and re-structure of Showtimes, a major destination for online movie ticketing. I have also lead the re-design of the AOL video section, plus created the branding for the new Slashcontrol video portal.

“If you haven't heard of AOL, you've been living in a dumpster for the past 15 years. A dumpster without dial-up... ”
- Ayal Ebert (Business Development Manager)