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charity: water - The Well

New York - July 2010

One of my absolute favorite clients are the great people at charity: water. They are, without a doubt, the most innovative non-profit organization in the world. With a combination of good design, a simple message, young spirit and tech savvy awareness, they succeed in hitting a nerve in all of us. “The Well” is my first project with them (we are collaborating on another one, scheduled for release in 2011, and believe me, it’s big!). The Well is an elite membership program that has been created to underwrite the operating costs of the organization. Without the generous people who are taking part in this small club, charity: water wouldn’t have been able to allocate 100% of their every-day donations to actual charity and ground work as they do. “The Well” website has been created to cater the members with blog posts, contact information and upcoming charity: water events. 

My Role

  • Art Director
  • Lead Designer
  • Lead Information Architect

The role assigned to me was to create the look and feel along with the layout and information architecture of the entire site. When we started there was only an idea and a vision of what we thought Well members would like to have. I turned that vision into a visual.

“Don't touch the menu, it's perfect as it is.”
- Vik Harrison