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Design Swap

New York, Austin - May 2010

DesignSwap is an experiment that Trent Walton and I came up with when attending the 2010 SXSW. Its sole purpose is to promote collaborations between designers by doing one simple thing Swapping designs. Trent and I wanted to create a fun environment where designers could get together and collaborate on a project that had nothing to do with client briefs or tight deadlines and let their creative juices go wild. To keep this sense of creative freedom, Trent and I figured that if we keep the rules open, our design peeps would utilize their swaps in far more creative ways than we could even imagine. Interested in taking part?

My Role

  • Art Director
  • Lead Designer
  • Personal Project

Trent and I both divided the work load evenly. Since I am not the best coder, I took over the design and branding, which was a fun task. Since the only function of the site was to be a stage for designers to present their “after hours” work, I went wild with the layout. I wanted to stay true to the environment of Austin (at least in the way I see it), since that is where the idea originated. I researched a lot of old school design patterns like old western billboards, posters, and images of old bars and taverns. I hope this is reflected in the design.

“We just purchased our first domain together, Bingo Bango!”
- Trent Walton