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Wicked Movements

New York - May 2009

As a young designer I was always interested in the concept randomness and how it can produce well formed shapes. Kind of like clouds in the sky, or a pile of leaves on the ground. It seems like us designers have become control freaks in our work flows. Move this button a pixel up, make the kerning on this font a bit tighter. We tweak and tweak until everything is perfect. This is all good, but I had to break free of this strict environment. After all, not everything that we create as designers has to be so controlled. So after months of intense client project deadlines, I was in need of a personal outlet. One that could be as chaotic and uncontrolled as the clouds in the sky. One without any deadlines and stress. I created random shapes and captured the ones I liked the most. This was created in Cinema4d, and then was retouched in Photoshop.

My Role

  • Art Director
  • Lead Designer
  • Personal Project

Since this was a personal project my role was very clear. To have as much fun as possible. As personal projects go, this one was important for me. I was looking to create random shapes that would behave chaotically inside a controlled environment. Being your own Art Director isn’t as easy as it sounds, since you can micro manage yourself to death.

“"Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish."”
- Chuck Palahniuk