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Tea Junkie

New York - July 2009

Since I quit drinking coffee, the urge for a nice hot beverage never disappeared. I was looking for something more natural to replace it and thats how my love affair with Tea started. Fast forward 10 years to 2008, Boston, Harvard Museum of Natural History at an absolute must see exhibit. This amazing collection of over 3,000 models of flowers was created in glass. I drew my inspiration from the unique look of an old science project (their commission began in 1886, continued for five decades!). I tried to mimic the feeling I got from walking around at this incredible exhibit.

My Role

  • Art Director
  • Lead Designer
  • Personal Project

The creative direction for this was based on a visit to the amazing exhibit of Leopold Blaschka’s work. I drew all inspiration from it, and tried as much as possible to replicate the feeling I had on that day. That said, as you can see the images I created do not resemble Leopold Blaschka’s glass work. What I was inspired by was the old rusty feeling of a science project from the 1800s. I tired to capture that feeling and incorporate it in my style and to the thing I really love the most. Tea.

“When dried they are distorted, when placed in alcohol they are robbed of their color. Drawings, while spirited and truthful, are flat.”
- Leopold Blaschka